Why Dental Implants Continue to Rise Above Other Replacement Options

When you hear the word implant, your mind might immediately jump to surgery, which can be scary. But the implantation part of dental implants is actually what sets them apart when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

At Union Square Dental, Kateryna Grytsenko, DDS, Yuliya Kanatova, DDS, Nailah Khalfan, DMD, Meriem Boukadoum, DDS, Ehsan Farrokhmanesh, DDS, and Karishma Patel, DMD, offer dental implants to give you replacement teeth with the best look and feel possible.  

Before we dig deeper into this ideal tooth replacement option, let’s first look at why you should get your tooth or teeth replaced in the first place. 

Why missing teeth matter

Some people get their teeth replaced for purely cosmetic reasons, but even if the appearance of a gap in your smile doesn’t bother you, it’s still important to fill in that hole in your teeth. 

Why? Beneath your gum line, you have a root that holds your tooth firmly in place. This root also helps to maintain your jaw health by stimulating bone growth.

Losing a tooth does two detrimental things. First, it decreases the structural stability in your mouth. Secondly, it eliminates the tooth root, which impacts your jawbone health. These changes put you at risk of several complications, such as:

What’s more, you can experience jaw degeneration and changes in your facial appearance because your tooth root no longer stimulates bone growth in the area.

Correcting the problem with dental implants

Unlike other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges, a dental implant gets stabilized in your mouth via a metal post rooted in your jawbone. This post works like a natural tooth root, holding an artificial crown in place while also helping to maintain your jawbone health.

When you get implants, you have to wait for your jawbone to heal and integrate the implanted post. Our team fits you with temporary teeth in the interim. Once the post is stabilized in your jawbone — a process that usually takes three to six months — you can enjoy your new, permanent teeth.

Why to choose dental implants

Each year, roughly 500,000 Americans choose dental implants to replace their missing teeth. That’s because this safe and highly effective solution offers a broad range of benefits, including:

Another perk of dental implants is that caring for them is easy. Just brush twice a day, floss regularly, and schedule dental cleanings every six months. With proper care, your implant should last your lifetime. 

Are you ready to make dental implants your tooth replacement solution? Get started by calling our office today. 

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