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If one or more of your teeth develop a cavity, your dentist might recommend fillings to preserve your smile and prevent further damage. At Union Square Dental in the Flatiron District of New York City, the expert team regularly uses composite resin fillings to minimize problems caused by cavities. To see if you’re a candidate for dental fillings, request an appointment by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.

Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

A dental filling is a type of oral restoration used to repair a decaying or damaged tooth. In addition to treating cavities, fillings can repair cracked and broken teeth as well as teeth worn down teeth caused by bruxism or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. 

What types of fillings do you offer?

At Union Square Dental, the team uses white composite dental fillings that mimic the color and light-reflecting properties of your natural tooth enamel. Compared to traditional amalgam fillings, composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also safe for pregnant women and people who have metal allergies. In addition, composite fillings are less invasive than traditional fillings, and they also blend in with your smile. 

What is the process for receiving a dental filling?

At Union Square Dental, the team performs dental fillings in-office. Before applying your filling, your dentist performs an oral exam and takes a series of digital X-rays. Afterward, your dentist administers a local anesthetic, numbing your tooth and gums. Once the anesthesia sets in, your dentist uses a drill to remove the decaying or damaged portion of your tooth carefully. 

After removing the decay, your dentist cleans the cavity of debris and bacteria. Next, your dentist applies your tooth-colored composite filling in layers. After applying each layer, your dentist points a special light at the material, allowing it to harden. Once the multilayering process is complete, they trim off any excess material and polish your tooth. Usually, the entire process takes about two hours. 

How do I care for my dental fillings?

To keep your fillings in good condition, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and visit the team at Union Square Dental every six months for a professional cleaning and exam. You should also avoid bad habits like using tobacco, biting your fingernails, and chewing on ice cubes.

If your tooth with a cavity becomes painful or you notice increased sensitivity in your mouth, make an appointment with Union Square Dental right away. 

To learn more about the benefits of dental fillings, request an appointment at Union Square Dental today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.