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Can Veneers Treat Crooked Teeth?

Can Veneers Treat Crooked Teeth?

Is one or more of your teeth crooked? Maybe some of your teeth slightly overlap others. They were crooked when you were a child, and you never got braces. If they’re at the front of your mouth, you see the imperfections every time you look in the mirror. 

Modern dentistry can correct just about any imperfections in your teeth. Our board-certified dentists with Union Square Dental can cover many tooth problems with dental veneers.   

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are a thin sheet of porcelain or composite resin that hides minor tooth imperfections. They’ve been used for decades, dating back to the 1920s in Hollywood, when Charles Pincus, DDS, founder and first president of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, covered tooth imperfections for Judy Garland and other famous actors. 

Veneers cover a multitude of tooth imperfections 

Veneers can mask those many tooth problems. If you have any of the following issues, veneers could be a great option:  

Your expert dentist with Union Square Dental lets you know whether veneers will be the best option for your crooked teeth. Veneers can smooth out mildly crooked teeth, but if your teeth are significantly rotated, you may need dental aligners or braces. 

Your veneers are completed in two appointments 

You’ll have a bright, white smile in just two appointments when you get veneers. At the first appointment, your dentist numbs the affected teeth and gums and removes a very thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth where we’ll apply the veneers. 

Next, we take impressions of your teeth in order to match the color of your surrounding teeth for a completely natural look. The data is computerized and sent to a lab that creates your veneers. 

When your new veneers arrive at our office, you come in for your final appointment. It usually takes about two weeks to fabricate veneers. Your dentist ensures the veneers fit perfectly and then bonds the veneers to the front surface of your teeth. You won’t want to stop smiling when you see your smile transformation.   

Veneers are long-lasting

Veneers are popular for a reason. They’re completely natural-looking because they're made of materials that mimic the look of your original teeth. Your imperfections are whisked away without expensive braces or dental surgery. 

Your veneers should last for a decade or longer with good oral care. Brush and floss twice a day and keep your scheduled dental appointments.  

Call Union Square Dental today for all of your general and cosmetic dentistry needs. We’re here to give you the smile you’ve dreamed about. 

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