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Dental Cleaning

Union Square Dental

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Scheduling in a routine dental cleaning once every six months is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. At Union Square Dental in the Flatiron District of New York City, the expert team regularly provides dental cleanings for patients of all ages, from children to senior citizens. If it’s time to schedule your dental cleaning, request an appointment today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning or teeth cleaning is a preventive health measure that involves your dentist or dental hygienist carefully removing plaque, tartar, and food particles from the surface of your teeth. 

Dental cleanings lower your risk of common oral health problems like cavities and periodontal disease. They also present an opportunity for you to check in on your oral health and build a relationship with a trusted dentist. 

How often should I participate in a dental cleaning?

There’s no set rule for dental cleanings. However, the American Dental Association recommends you invest in a professional dental cleaning once every six months. If you have a history of gum disease or you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. 

What happens during a dental cleaning?

The team at Union Square Dental performs dental cleanings onsite at their state-of-the-art offices with appointments usually lasting about an hour. 

First, your Union Square Dental hygienist conducts an oral exam. During the exam, your hygienist uses a small mirror to check your teeth and gums for signs of decay or gingivitis. If your hygienist detects any major problems, they might also have your dentist take a look before they continue with the cleaning. 

If your teeth and gums are okay, your hygienist moves forward with treatment. The second step of a dental cleaning involves your hygienist carefully removing plaque and tartar from your teeth with a metal tool called a scaler. You’ll probably hear some scraping during this part of your cleaning, but this is nothing to worry about. 

After removing the plaque and tartar from your teeth, your hygienist polishes and flosses them. Next, your hygienist applies a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that protects your teeth from decay. 

Last, your dentist conducts an oral exam. During this exam, they check for cavities and order digital X-rays if necessary. 

How do I care for my teeth after a dental cleaning?

Following your dental cleaning, your dentist provides you with a new toothbrush and a roll of dental floss. To lower your risk of cavities and gum disease, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and avoid bad habits like tobacco use and biting your fingernails.  

Whether you recently moved to the New York City area or its simply been a few years since your last dental cleaning, the team at Union Square Dental can help. Request your appointment today with Union Square Dental by calling the office or using the online booking tool.